Fishing in the summer

Vuonatjviken offers a variety of fish in different forms. Vuonatjviken is on Lake Riebnes, known for its very fine trout. This fish is most appropriate with Långedrag but spinning and fly fishing can result in a fine catch. A little higher up the mountain is located on scenic Lake Misjka, where you can get really big trout, brown trout and for those who are interested in larger fish, there are very large pike in the reed sections.
Bartekriver where the water is crystal clear and cold, offers many fine flowing stretches and deep pools.

This river is also reserved exclusively for fly fishing. Here you can only trout in everything from small to very impressive sizes, and for those who are lucky can even dream trout landed.

Since Vuonatjviken located 7km from the Northern Arctic Circle, it does often matter what time of day to fish - it is always more or less bright.
For those who want to venture to more remote lakes is the possibility of helicopter rides starting from Vuonatjviken.

Trout and char is found naturally in all waters around Vuonatjviken and in some lakes / distances are also grayling.
Possibility to rent a boat comes in both Riebnes and Misjka.

For the more interested in fish man, there is also fishing in the waters on the section quoted Villit - Gåbdok where we can offer a package deal with such guidance, lunch and fishing licenses.

Welcome to an unforgettable and truly unique experience!

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