The Restaurant

Vuonatjvikens restaurant Nåidde is with its quiet, scenic location a truly unique venue for your conference or dinner.
We can customize your stay according to your wishes, and can arrange for example fishing trips, excursions, hunting and helicopter rides.

Our restaurant and conference hall Nåidde has room for about 50 people, so here you can work undisturbed and then enjoy a delicious dinner and drinks.

The raw materials in the food is absolutely top class and is almost exclusively locally caught such as char, reindeer or elk(moose).
How does this sound:

Raindeerbeef with morelsauce and baked potatohalfs.
Charfilét with sauce of the houce and buttertossed potatoes.
Double marinated Raindeer, Served with Red wine sauce and oven-baked potato halves .
Why not pop in for an Elkburger with Pommes
for lunch.. Maybe some Cheesecake with hot cloudberries
as dessert..

Full menu here

Café menu here

Pub & lunch Menu here>

The restaurant of course have full licker rights and can you can pay cash
or with most debit cards, such as VISA.

Welcome to Restaurant Nåidde

We are only open when pre-ordered:

Jan & Eva Johansson

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